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Steve Bonawitz, MD

Mary Anne Contogiannis, MD

Jeffrey Flagg, MD

Greg Greco, DO

Richard Greco, MD

Debra Johnson, MD, Vice President, Health Policy and Advocacy

Justin Sacks, MD

Loren Schechter, MD, Federal Chair, Legislative Advocacy Committee

Gregory Swank, MD

Anne Taylor, MD, PlastyPAC Chair

Welcome to PlastyPAC

 PlastyPAC is ASPS’s bipartisan national Political Action Committee (PAC) funded by ASPS members in order to make financial contributions to key Congressional campaigns.

A PAC is a group of like-minded individuals who combine their resources to achieve a common goal by contributing to the campaigns of legislators who support their goals. As the largest voice for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, PlastyPAC has been leading the way for over two decades. With the help of our contributors, PlastyPAC has continued to grow and enhance Plastic Surgery’s voice on Capitol Hill!

Through PlastyPAC, ASPS members can speak with one voice so selected officials clearly hear our position on policies that affect your patients and practice. Your contribution helps confront the challenges facing plastic surgery including:

  • Fixing or Repealing the Sustainable Growth Rate in Medicare
  • Educating Women Regarding Breast Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fighting the Federal Cosmetic Tax
  • Fighting False Advertising by Non-Physicians
  • Advocating for the delay of the 2014 penalties for e-prescribing and EHR
  • Repealing the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)
  • Promoting Insurance Coverage for Reconstructive Surgery for Children with Deformities
  • Fixing Out-of-Control Professional Liability Premiums
  • Avoiding Cuts to Graduate Medical Education Payments

We need your help! Every day brings a new challenge to our specialty, and we must be ready to meet those challenges. Your contribution to PlastyPAC, by either personal check or credit card, will help the specialty impact the legislative process in a way that none of us can individually.

We encourage you to contribute online, contact Jessica Frasco at if you prefer to contribute by mail.

Federal Law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year. Under Federal Election law all contributors must be U.S. citizens. Contributions must be voluntary and may be of any amount elected by the contributor. The amount given by the contributor, or the refusal to give, will not benefit or disadvantage the person being solicited. Your contribution will be used to support candidates for federal office who support pro-plastic surgery issues. Contributions to PlastyPAC are not deductibles as charitable contributions.

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Jessica Frasco
Senior Associate, Government Affairs
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Office: 847.228.3392